State Dept-funded program installs alternative networks abroad

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While some security experts have recently accused the United States government of undermining the infrastructure and integrity of the web, the State Department is helping fund a project that lets people connect and communicate over alternative networks.
Since last June, revelations about the US National Security Agency and how it goes about getting intelligence from foreign suspects have continued to surface, in turn rekindling all too routinely allegations about how the internet has been practically obliterated by the NSA.
Leaked intelligence documents disclosed to the media during that span by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden have indeed impacted the way the world sees the American government with regards to protecting a medium of communication that continues to grow. But while these heightened concerns about online privacy are without a doubt warranted thanks to Mr. Snowden’s revelations, one former government official now tells the New York Times that a project largely funded by the Department of State is actually making it easier for people in certain parts of the world to communicate and collaborate over a parallel internet of sorts.
“Exactly at the time that the NSA was developing the technology that Snowden has disclosed, the State Department was funding some of the most powerful digital tools to protect freedom of expression around the world,” Ben Scott told the New York Times for an article published in Monday’s paper. According to Scott — a former State Dept. official who helped the agency get involved in a program that is putting the web back into the hands of the people — the US government has actually been playing a pivotal role in letting new parts of the world become networked. Sigue leyendo


Statement from General Director for the United States at Cuban Foreign Ministry


April 4, 2014

Information in the article from the Associated Press validates repeated condemnations made by the Cuban government, showing once again that the United States government has not renounced its subversive plans which have as their objective changing Cuba’s political order and continue every year to be funded with a multi-million dollar budget. The United States government must respect international law and the principles of the UN Charter, and therefore cease its illegal undercover operations in Cuba, which are rejected by the Cuban people and international public opinion.