#European Parliament defiles the #Sakharov Prize and offends the #Cuban people. (#EU #EEUU) + Video

  • El 3 de julio de 2013 se apresta a entregar, en Estrasburgo, el Premio Sájarov 2010 a Guillermo Fariñas, quien se ha revelado como un colaborador y enaltecedor de terroristaOn July 3, 2013 European Parliament is poised to deliver, in Strasbourg, the 2010 Sakharov Prize to Guillermo Fariñas, who comments terrorists.
  • En su reciente visita a Miami, Florida, EE.UU., Guillermo Fariñas rindió emocionado tributo en su tumba al terrorista Jorge Mas Canosa, responsable de numerosos crímenes contra el pueblo cubano y quien financió, hasta su muerte, la actividad terrorista de Luis Posada Carriles, considerado “el Osama Bin Laden del hemisferio occidental”.In his recent visit to Miami, Florida, USA, Guillermo Fariñas paid an emotional tribute at his grave to terrorist Jorge Mas Canosa, responsible for numerous crimes against the Cuban people; he financed, until his death, terrorist activity of Luis Posada Carriles, considered “the Osama Bin Laden of the Western Hemisphere”.

  • Fariñas se ha fundido en un efusivo abrazo con los connotados terroristas Pedro C.Fariñas has melted into a warm embrace with known terrorists Peter C. Remón y Guillermo Novo Sampoll, a quienes consideró “patriotas cubanos”. Sampoll Remon and Guillermo Novo, whom considered “Cuban patriots.”

  • Las afirmaciones y presupuestos en los que supuestamente se basó el Parlamento Europeo para otorgarle el Sájarov en 2010 fueron falsos y resultan insostenibles, después de lo visto y escuchado durante la visita del galardonado a Miami.The facts on which purportedly relied the European Parliament for to grant the 2010 Sakharov Prize were false and unsustainable after what we saw and heard during the visit of Sakharov prizewinner to Miami.

farinas en la tumba de terrorista mas canosa sans-titre

Fariñas rinde tributo a terrorista Jorge Mas Canosa


By: Alipio G. Sollet

The title is entirely appropriate. Indeed, the first definition of  besmirch  present in all the dictionaries is dishonor, damage the reputation of something or someone, it keeps in total agreement with what they did in 2010, the then President of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek,  and most Current members of the Legislature, when they decided to award the Sakharov Prize, the highest award given by the Parliament, to Guillermo Fariñas Hernández.

However, what  current President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz and those same MEPs are going to do, on July 3, is not just an act that blemish Sakharov Prize but a serious insult the Cuban people. In his recent visit to Miami, Guillermo Fariñas amply demonstrated that he is a uplifting of notorious terrorists as Luis Posada Carriles, Jorge Mas Canosa, Pedro C. Remon and Guillermo Novo Sampoll.

If the current President of European Parliament,  Martin Schulz, do not wants  that shame fall on her life and political career, he should order urgent that… pertinent european services request to USA special services about who are Pedro Remon and Guillermo Novo Sampoll with whom the 2010 Sakharov Prizewinner  melted into a hug at Versailles Restaurant in Little Havana in Miami and has called as “Cuban Patriots” in two interviews conducted by Florida television.

If the Chairman of the Legislature and the presidents of the political groups insist the mistake of handing the Sakharov Prize to Guillermo Fariñas,  an uplifting of terrorism, on July 3,  I have no doubt that the prestige of this award will be affected seriously.

What if the winners of the Sakharov Prize 1992, the “Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo” decides to refuse the Prize when know that European Parliament decided to award the 2010 Sakharov someone like Guillermo Fariñas who considers a terrorist as Guillermo Novo as a Cuban patriot?

Guillermo Novo Sampoll has a long record as terrorist. In December 11, 1964 he was arrested after firing a bazooka toward a United Nations Headquarter in New York. He was involved in the “Operation Condor” with the dictatorships of the Latin American southern corn, he is responsible for numerous crimes and missing persons, such as the children and grandchildren of 1992 Sakharov prizewinner, “Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo”. He participated in the murder of Orlando Letelier, former Foreign Affairs Minister of the Chile government.

From another angle.  In good law, if Guillermo Fariñas instead of being a Cuba citizen living in Cuba was a Spanish citizen living in Spain, with what has been heard and seen in his recent visit to Miami, it is more likely that instead awarded Sakharov Prize he would be charged, tried and sentenced to a term of between one and two years of imprisonment for the crime of praising terrorism, an offense provided in Article 578 of the Criminal Code of the Kingdom of Spain.

If, as they like to say to some politicians and legislator of Popular Party of Spain, they want for Cuba the same they want to Spain, I see no better time to show consistent that prevent infamy of award the Sakharov Prize to someone who right now would be imprisoned in Spain. 

I’ll close with a sentence of Cuba’s national hero, José Marti, of which I hope that the 754 deputies of present European Parliament take due note.

Marti said: “The only autograph worth of a man is the one who leaves written with his works”.


If you want  to say something to Mr. Martin Schulz, please open the link below:




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